Scout the Adventure Dog | Newborn Puppy Studio Session | Parker, CO

July 25, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Some of you may have noticed a break in my blog posts and for while and looking at the dates can probably tell I took a little time off from client sessions when the world got crazy. Despite that, I continued to take photos... a little beer photography for my Great Divide Brewing Ambassador gig, some photos of my own family, and photos of this little guy.  That's right... we got a puppy! Our daughter had been begging for one for years and she is a true animal lover. So now she is at an age where she is responsible enough to care for him it was time. And she really needed a buddy.

I did a lot of research to find the perfect dog for our family and we decided on a Cavapoo (Cavalier
King Charles Spaniel / Poodle mix). He is smart, very affectionate, and playful. He is small enough to fly with us on our vacations, adventurous on our Jeep trips (he can even jump into my lifted Jeep with huge tires by himself), and gets along well with people, other dogs and even the deer that visit our fence-line. And of course, he is non-shedding... which was pretty important to me. 

Now when you are a newborn photographer and you have a new little puppy, a session like this is bound to happen. I treated this session like any other newborn session, making sure our little Scout was tuckered out before taking him into the studio, wrapping and posing him in the same fashion, and letting my first time "Mom" know what I was doing at all times so she was comfortable during the session. Of course, my daughter is the most nervous new Mom I've ever had, so while Scout was easy to work with, she was a bit of a challenge. 

Today he is far from a pup and I am so glad I captured these moments when he was an itty bitty thing. Much like our own little newborn babies, these pups grow up quickly and I can barely remember how different he looked without these images to reflect on. We have several framed prints in our house and I know the entire family will treasure them for years to come. 


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