Reflecting on 2018 and the Top Ten Photos of the Year

December 27, 2018  •  8 Comments

It's that time again! Time to reflect on the past year and plan for an amazing new one. As I think about my photography journey in 2018, there have been so many wonderful changes. I began offering a more full-service experience for my clients with the inclusion of amazing heirloom products, assistance in choosing the perfect images for their home, and professional installation services. I made many upgrades to the studio (with more to come this year), making it more comfortable and efficient. I participated in a trade show as well as some great training workshops both in person and on-line as I continuously seek to improve my photography skills. Finally, I have had the pleasure of working with so many wonderful clients that truly value the importance of not only documenting moments in their life, but showcasing them in their homes for friends and family to enjoy.  

As I reflect on 2018, I have also chosen a few of my favorite images from this past year because... who doesn't love a top ten list! 

I hope you all had a wonderful year and I wish you all the best in 2019. Let's capture some memories!


What an adorable kiddo! He looks so grown up sporting those glasses. Of course they were really only on his face for about two seconds. Fortunately that is just enough time to capture a cute photo like this. One reason I love this photo is because it was taken in one of the same set-ups I used to photographed him as a newborn and I love comparing the difference of a year. See his newborn photo in the same chair here!


While I had lots of favorite images from this family session, I love this one of Mom and Dad! So often we are focused on our children but parents need some time in the spotlight too. I love the depth of this one and how their happiness shines through! 


This is one of my favorite newborn wrapping methods, the potato sack, and babies love it. I love how versatile it is as you can move little ones to a variety of different set-ups (a bucket, a basket, a bed) while they sleep peacefully. I chose a rustic metal bucket for this sweet guy since Mom and Dad have grey tones in their home. You can see more from his session here. And oh those dimples!!! 


I love how this sheer dress and the beautiful light passing through it shows off this beautiful Mom's bump while being very classic and tasteful. 



Of course our own family Christmas card had to make the list. I love coming up with a holiday card every year since it gives me the freedom to be creative and experimental. See how I created it in this blog post and stay tuned for next year's creation (I already have a couple of ideas)! 


Just in time for Christmas, this gorgeous mom-to-be visited the studio for some images to document her twin bump and we got to be a bit festive with this holiday background.  


Well isn't this just the cutest kid you've ever seen? Okay, okay... I'm biased. She's ours! I have to admit that I neglected photos of her in the beginning of the year, which is unusual for me, but I did come through with a fall session as well as some beautiful Princess Christmas images. 


Another one of my favorite newborn poses... "bum up". While this was just one great image from her session, I love how this showcases all the little features of a newborn in a simple, classic pose. 


I captured so many beautiful images of this six week old that I love! But I just love the colors in this one and oh my... those cheeks!  


I now use this pose for all my newborn sessions including this one, because it is so sweet and Mom and baby look so beautiful together. Mom's love it, Dad's love it and I love it. I had so many beautiful images using this pose this year it was difficult to decide on just one for the top ten!  


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I love that you included your awesome Christmas Card into your top 10!!
Kathryn Marble(non-registered)
Absolutely stunning! Those babies... They make me think I might need to have another one ;) I think my favorite from this set is number 10... he's like a tiny baby Santa Clause with those glasses!
These are all SO beautiful and it’s amazing that you’re now offering great prints! It’s always so wonderful to reflect back on the year :)
Those are great shots!
I love the potato sack shot and the mom and baby laying down!
What a great top 10! Can't wait to see what you do this year!
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