Fall Photos | Children's Photography | Parker, Colorado

November 02, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

I can't believe how long it has been since I have taken photos of our little one... although she is not so little anymore. I used to do a portrait session with her two or three times a year but as she reaches her pre-teens and doesn't want to be bothered with photos, I have let it slide a bit. I took a couple shots last Christmas in the snow but haven't done a full session with her in a while. I decided, starting with this fall session, I'm going to change that.

I have a small easel on our entryway table that holds a seasonal photo of Katie. I change it out each time I change my seasonal decor and when decorating this year, I realized the last fall photo session of her was the sunflower session we did, three years ago. It was definitely time for an update, so I took her down to the park near our house and bribed her to take photos... just like a toddler... with the promise of ice cream. Despite this getting her to smile was a bit difficult at times. She wanted to try some serious looks which I was fine with, but most of them made her look a bit miserable. But with lots of shots, you are bound to get some good ones and I think we did. While she isn't a fan of getting her photo taken these days, I know she will appreciate having them when she is older and I definitely appreciate them now. 



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