Warrior Girl With Her Faithful Wolf | Themed Photo Session | Aurora Colorado Children's Photographer

August 31, 2020  •  5 Comments

Our daughter is a total animal lover and while she has had cute pink and mint woodland animal decor in her bedroom for ages, at ten years old it was time for a more mature animal theme. Her favorite animal is the grey wolf and for her tenth birthday, I wanted to give her a portrait with a wolf to put in her newly decorated wolf-themed room. 

Now when you are with an animal as fierce as a wolf, you have to be fierce yourself, so the perfect outfit was necessary. I immediately envisioned a post-apocalyptic warrior type outfit and bought all the components necessary for it, complete with a sword. With her hair wild and messy, we headed out to one of my favorite wooded photography spots. We shot at a couple different spots but when we were about to head home I decided I wanted a few photos by a huge tree that is half dead. Almost at the car, my daughter begrudgingly trudged over for a few more shots and I'm glad she did. I think it was the perfect spot for the photo with the wolf and while I intended to just create one photo image, I ended up with some cool shots of her alone that I thought were keepers. While the wolf shot will be on a unique hanging canvas in her room, all of these images will go into her annual photo album. 

Interested in a themed photo session? I love planning and creating unique sessions.

Contact me today to see what we can create together! 




Happy Birthday songs mp3(non-registered)
Nice Photoshot
Rhonda Foutch(non-registered)
Katie, Happy Birthday!! You are one cool cat!
Amy Cowperthwaite(non-registered)
Happy Birthday, Katie! You are so beautiful inside and out. I love these shots of you mainly because I know you are a warrior and can do big things! Hope you have a wonderful year being 10! Love, Miss Amy
Cathryn Zac’s Mom(non-registered)
Happy Birthday Katie! You look brave. You are brave.
Jason Coward(non-registered)
Happy Birthday, Katie! You look super fierce with your wolf and warrior outfit!
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