My Passion for Offering Finished Family Art Work

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Do you have digital images from a photo session stashed away somewhere but have yet to do anything with them? If this is the case, you are not alone! I've found that many photography clients, including mine, still have their digital files on a thumb drive floating around in a drawer somewhere or saved in a folder on their computer but have yet to print and display their beautiful images! 

Creating beautiful images is a passion of mine and if you book a photography session, capturing these moments is obviously important to you. You took the time to have photos of yourself or your family taken, you probably spent time choosing outfits, you may have coordinated with extended family members to find the perfect time and location, or you fought off the sleepiness of being a new parent to come to the studio and have images taken when your new addition was sleepy and squishy! But you selected and received your digital images and your family and friends still aren't enjoying them. It's unfortunate, yet so common because of a variety of reasons... and I want to eliminate those reasons.  That's why I now offer finished art work for my photography clients. I want to ensure your beautiful images are presentation ready when you receive them so you can enjoy them immediately.

Heritage Walnut Folio Box - Finished Photography ProductHeritage Walnut Folio Box - Finished Photography Product

 The 8x10 Heritage Folio Box Beautifully Displays and Stores Up to 20 Matted or Mounted Prints
and is a Great Way to "Collect" Images From Multiple Sessions.

I understand the reasons clients aren't enjoying their images. Many find it difficult to find the time to sit down and order prints, canvases and albums. It's no wonder. Most of us are busy with work and family and the countless other responsibilities we juggle. Even if you get a few minutes to sit down and take on this task, chances are you don't know where to begin... how do you want to display your images, what products are available, what is the best size for display, where is the best place to purchase, how do you know you what suppliers have quality products? This is a bit overwhelming, which leads many to put it off... indefinitely. 

  Wooden Folding Trio - Finished Photography ProductWooden Folding Trio - Finished Photography Product  

This Wooden Tri-Fold Trio is a Unique Way to Display a Selection of Your Images on a Table or Shelf and is Available in Two Sizes. 

There are also things many clients don't consider. Did you know that some mats will yellow over time or that images should not be placed directly against glass (without a mat or spacers) because they will eventually adhere to the glass? How will certain crops (aspect ratios) affect what is contained in your finished image? Did you know that you can have images mounted beautifully on wood? Have you heard of deckled prints? What type of finish do you need on your canvas so that it is not easily susceptible to scratching and corner damage? Do you know the most appropriate image size for over your couch? 

Framed Torn Trio Print - Finished Photography ProductFramed Torn Trio Print - Finished Photography Product Framed Torn Print Details - Finished Photography ProductFramed Torn Print Details - Finished Photography Product

This Torn Edge Framed Print is Offered as a Trio or Single Image.

Round Wooden Wall Print - Finished Photography ProductRound Wooden Wall Print - Finished Photography Product Metal Print - Finished Photography ProductMetal Print - Finished Photography Product Canvas Print - Finished Photography ProductCanvas Print - Finished Photography Product

Wall Art Options Include Wood (left), Stand Out Metal (middle), Canvas (right), and Framed Prints (not pictured).

Chances are you can't answer most of these questions because it's just not your field of expertise. This is why I'm here to help! As a photographer offering finished art, I'm not just the expert on how to capture and edit your photos, but also how to showcase them. I've spent hours and hours researching products online, ordering samples from dozens of professional labs (and discarding many of them because they just weren't up to par), and attending virtual and in-person trade shows. This is time consuming (and expensive) and just not feasible for clients to do themselves. And there's nothing worse than taking the time to order something and being disappointed in the quality when you receive it. If it's that shirt on Amazon you can probably return it for a full refund but when it comes to images of your family that will not be the case. In addition, most of the products I offer are not even available to the general public. Most professional labs only allow photographers with verified credentials to order and these labs tend to have the highest quality, not to mention the most unique and amazing products. 

  Table Products - Finished Photography ProductTable Products - Finished Photography Product Acrylic Block - Finished Photography ProductAcrylic Block - Finished Photography Product

Additional Table Display Options Include the Classic Folio Box, Mounted Prints, and Acrylic Blocks. 

My service (in addition to pre-session consults) includes sitting down with my clients after their session to preview their images and help them select the images and products that work best for them and their lifestyle. This is a relaxed, no-obligation session because I don't believe in having a minimum order for products and I offer a la carte items to ensure clients purchase only what they truly love. After selection I take care of ordering all products, inspecting them for quality, and personally delivering them to to your home where you can begin to enjoy them immediately. I'm please to offer a variety of products to meet my clients personal style including albums, folio boxes, framed prints, canvas, metal, and wood products. I also offer products suitable as gifts for family and friends and digital images for your archives. 

You are encouraged to visit the studio to take a look at the amazing products I offer and discuss full pricing or you are welcome to contact me for some general price guidelines. 







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