Lemonade Stand Mini Photo Session | Aurora, Colorado | Portrait Photographer

July 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It's hot this summer... even here in Colorado. But what's more refreshing on a hot summer day than an ice cold glass of lemonade? I can't thhink of anything. So I decided a lemonade mini session would be a fun way to capture some summer pictures of my daughter. 

My husband and I made this stand for some Chirstmas minis last year and it is perfect for lemonade. So I set out picking up a few items that would coordinate with my lemonade theme. I found some colored straws and candies and a few flowers to make it a bit more girly for her (she's a bit of a girly girl). Then I made a lemonade sign and started scouring Etsy for the perfect headband and necklace for our mini session. And finally... lemons. I purchased bags and bags of lemons! 

I set it all up in our backyard and my daughter could not wait to get her hands (and her straw) on the lemonade. I couldn't get her to take a bite of a lemon though...she's a bit too old for that trick. So no funny sour faces for this session. But we captured some great shots and she had a ton of fun! 

I also have some cute light turquoise props for boys lemonade sessions and of course I can also make the set-up neutral for both boys and girls! 

Thanks to DiddlebugsAndMe for the awesome necklace and FlourishingCreations for the beautiful headband! And of course my husband for making and carrying the stand!  



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