Spring Studio Session With Baby Ducks

March 30, 2015  •  2 Comments


My daughter Katie loves Spring... and what child doesn't? Blooming flowers, warming temperatures,
Easter egg hunts, and baby animals! Last year I had some baby chicks in the studio for
mini sessions but when our neighbor offered to let me borrow their baby ducks this year I just couldn't resist. 


I decorated the studio in a Spring theme, put Katie in her favorite color dress, and let her
play with the eggs, flowers, and ducklings while I took some photos.


She was as patient as could be expected from a 4 and 1/2 year old as I asked her
to sit for a few photos before bringing out the ducklings.




We started with one duck...

Then we added two more. And things got exciting...

The ducks seemed to really like the flowers.
Katie was able to save a few (because a girl needs at least one for behind her ear).


She was a bit concerned that these little guys would destroy the place at first!

But we had lots of fun and captured some memorable moments for Katie's annual photo album.

Happy Spring!  







Diane Reynolds(non-registered)
What a sweet girl! And such a special way to remember the precious days with our little ones. These days pass much too quickly, but memorable photos like these last forever!
Rhonda Sanasac(non-registered)
How do you stand the adorableness?! She is just the cutest. Love her little face.
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