Newborn Photography

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Newborn photography has become very popular in recent years and it's no wonder! Babies change so quickly in the beginning of life and who doesn't want to remember those first few days when their little one was so new to the world. Photos in the first two weeks of life capture newborns while they are very sleepy and "poseable."

I love to capture newborns in timeless "poses" with simple props and neutral colors. These portraits are tasteful, lasting pieces of art that can be treasured in a photo album, shared as prints with family and friends, or turned into framed photos or canvases that compliment the décor in any room of your home.   

The poses above are "standard" photographs taken during my newborn sessions.
They are simple and showcases babies in a natural pose without any distractions.


The "Froggy" pose above is a composite of two separate photos.
It's taken this way to ensure baby's head is always supported and SAFE.
I'll discuss this pose more in a later post.


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Offset photo's like the one above are not only great for albums, canvases, and prints....
they work well for birth announcements since there is room to insert text on one side.


Once I get baby sleeping soundly and posed properly,
I take shots from several different angles and distances for different effects.


These types of photos allow you to frame several complimentary prints or create collages in photo albums.

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I also like to take close-ups of baby "bits" like tiny toes.

This is one of my favorite shots. I love incorporating Mom and Dad into a photo, but I understand
that sometimes they don't want to be photographed... I was a blurry-eyed new Mom once too :)
This is a happy compromise that parents love.


While I do love these simple photos, I also enjoy taking some fun photos of newborns in "staged" set-ups.
Think a little one may be a Book Worm someday? Is the family wild about Football?
I'm happy to incorporate fun props into my sessions so that families may have a mixture of simple photos
and those that reflect their family and lifestyle. I'm always willing to incorporate special items
such as family heirlooms, hand-made quilts, etc. into a session at the request of a family.

Bookworms and Football Lovers!

I am always looking for little baby props, like this tiny red flyer! 

My husband and I also spent a weekend building this little white baby bed
with matching nightstand to showcase sleeping little ones :)

I picked up this stool and got a matching pink feather headband and diaper cover for
a client who wanted a pink and gray theme to match their new nursery.

And I couldn't resist putting this little flower into a gardening set-up.


And who can resist a baby in a hat? Whether it's a simple sleeping cap or he's "gone fishing"!

Finally, it's always nice to get a few photos with parents or siblings, even if the focus is still on baby...

Or have the families in focus.




donna! I absolutely adore that you've chosen to show Luca's pictures! What a little ham! Hopefully he'll give you some good ones during his 1 year session! Can't wait!
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