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The Importance of Editing Newborn Skin

May 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Newborns pictures often portray squishy little babies with beautiful skin. But if you've had a baby you know that newborns don't always have perfect skin. In fact, it is rare if they do. Skin may be blotchy, discolored, or flaky. Sometime babies have tiny acne, craddle cap, mongolian spots, stork bites, etc. Some of these things I had never heard of before becoming a newborn photographer. In fact, my daughter had a stork bite on the back of her neck and I had no idea it was a "stork bite." But these things are rarely permanent so it's important to do some editing on newbon skin to make these treasured photos even more beautiful. After all, many families prominently display these photos for years and they should... this newborn stage is adorable but lasts such a short time. 

As a photographer I am always learning new techniques for posing, lighting, editing, etc. One of the things I have been working on lately is editing newborn skin and I've been very please with the results. So I'm highlighting two babies from a recent session for a couple of reasons... to show you why newborn photographers edit skin AND to let parents know that their babies dry scalp or tiny pimples are quite normal and most often temporary  :)


Here's and example of a recent newborn I photographed. The top two photos are exactly as they were taken... no editing at all has been done on them (I've zoomed in on the one on the right to give viewers a closer look). This little girl is adobrable (especially with those little back wrinkles) but a few adjustments will go a long way. Her skin was a little blotchy with some varying yellow and orange hues. And you can see that her foot looks a completely different color altogether. This is very common for newborns because their circulation is still developing, sometimes making their hands a feet a bit puprle in color. In addition she had some flaky spots on her head and face... also very common. Finally, if you look closely you can see the line of a diaper on her bum. Defnitely not something you need to see, right? Some careful edits can even out skin tones and remove these little temporary imperfecctions. In addition to skin edits I also did a soft overlay on the blanket so that it was a bit more smooth and creamy. 

And below is the final result.


Here is another example. You can see I've removed some of the dry skin on this little cutie. I've also smothed out a little bit of blotchiness and made his skin a little more creamy while being careful not to overdo it and make it look unnatural. 


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