Head on Hands Newborn Photos - How'd They Do That?

April 21, 2016  •  1 Comment

Ever see a photograph of a newborn with their head propped up on their hands
and think... "wow, how'd the photographer get the baby to do that?"
The answer (hopefully) is SAFELY!!! 

I love this shot, but it is one that should ONLY be done in a SAFE manner. That means it should be a composite of at least two photos in rapid succession, merged together in "post production" with software like Photoshop. This ensures that the baby's head is always supported. While some photographers may try this pose without support, they shouldn't! You never know when a sleeping baby will twitch or move and this could lead to a fall and injury.
Safety should always be the first priority when working with newborns! 

The two photos above were merged together to create the final photo. On the left Mom supports the baby's head from the top and on the right Dad supports the baby's head from the bottom. (NOTE: Two people don't have to attend the newborn session for this type of shot... consecutive shots can just occur a bit quicker with two people.) These photos were taken within a second or so of each other. 

Even using this safe composite method is not always easy. Babies need to be very sleepy and young (I like to photograph newborns in the first 10 days for best results) for many "posed" shots.

 Before newborn sessions I tell my clients that I allow baby to be in control.  While I try to create poses that Mom and Dad will like, I want to make sure that baby is not only safe but happy. The studio is warm... baby is fed, and fed, and fed... sometimes I use heartbeat or other soothing sounds... and I always pay attention to when a baby starts to get fussy. Babies are very "posable" at this age but most newborns still have positions that they prefer and some they just don't like. It's part of their personality from the moment they are born.
And their personality (okay... AND their squishy, soft, itty bitty cuteness) is ultimately want I want to capture. 

You can view more of my newborn poses in my newborn and maternity portfolio

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Donna you did a great job with our newborn session (and smash cake)! We love love loved them!!
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